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0:00​ Coming Up
1:09​ Introduction 
3:04​ To Fahad: How did you come to Islam? 
9:14​ To Fahad: What are your top 3 favorite topics when giving Dawah?  
10:28​ To Fahad: If the word “soul” didn’t exist, what would be the best word to describe it? 
12:26​ To Fahad: What are some tips to implement in a debate setting?
32:55​ What does Allah mean that people “forget themselves” and what makes “you” you? 
37:45​ What is the difference between, humans, angels, and animals? 
40:57​ Fahad’s Point: Your knowledge is limited compared to the Knowledge of Allah 
44:04​ Fahad explains an amazing grammatical shift related to the Soul in the Qur’an 
48:08​ Understanding the Soul in the Month of Ramadan 
54:22​ The Three Categories of Rationality & how an Ayah functions
1:03:06​ To Fahad: Would you say the Qur’an is a series of first principles? 
1:06:49​ The True Objective of Dawah and answering existential questions 
1:12:16​ The Power of Experiences & The Three Levels of Certainty in Islam 
1:23:10​ What is consciousness? What is God consciousness? 
1:35:38​ Rami’s Point: The one extreme leads to the birth of another 
1:40:56​ The importance of remembering death for your Spirituality 
1:51:13​ To Fahad: What is your advice to those who are struggling with their Iman? 
1:53:59​ Fahad’s advice to Non-Muslims who are looking for the Truth 
1:55:45​ Outro 
1:56:32​ Next Time

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