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It's been a while, Ladies and Gentlemen. I've had a very turbulent four years since I uploaded the first episode of the SMBZ reboot. Despite all the downs, I've always wanted to continue with the reboot and (hopefully) finish the series like I have always envisioned. 

While I have been working on episode 2 very diligently over the past month. I decided to go back and make some alterations to the first episode. Mostly involving updating the text boxes to show the new progressive text I'll be using in the series going forward. But to also make a few minor tweaks here and there. Namely to one very glaring grammatical error that has been bugging me for years. I am quite happy with the episode as it stands now. Don't worry. I don't want to make it a habit to go all George Lucas on my series.

In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy this polished version of the first episode. If you wish to see progress updates for whatever I'm working on, be sure to drop me a follow on Twitter. I'll try to keep people updated as often as I can.

Thanks again for all your support. Stay tuned for the next thrilling installment of Super Mario Bros. Z!

DISCLAIMER: Super Mario Bros. Z is a non-profit fan crossover movie project based on the Super Mario Bros. series of video games by Nintendo and the Sonic the Hedgehog series of video games by Sega, featuring characters from both of the aforementioned series and music from various artists and composers. Characters and songs remain the property and copyright of their respective owners. This is a non-profit project made by Alvin-Earthworm for fans of the Mario and Sonic series, and is in no way affiliated to or sponsored by any of the aforementioned companies.