This video will show you how to build your own Injection Molding Machine for around $200. We provide step by step instructions as well and build of materials and other resources to get you started.

***The items linked below are for description purposes only, please search around for the best prices on all items except for the stainless steel parts. Those are only available through the links.***  

What you will need:
Bench Drill Press Stand  x2​
Buster Beagle 3D Custom Stainless Steel Chamber and Plunger​  (preferred site to purchase)
****International/Domestic buyers can also buy from the Etsy page that allows international shipping***​

3D Printed Enclosure (can use own enclosure as well)​
2  # 4x1/2in Flat Head Phillips (To hold enclosure back on)
3/8-16 x 6"  Hex Bolt full thread x2
Rex C-100 PID Temperature Controller (​)
Solid State Relay -40A
K Type Probe Temperature Sensor (Red is positive, blue is negative)​
AC power switch​
35x35 110V x 380W Band Heater x2​
*INTERNATIONAL BANDS if not in the US* 35x35 220V 120W x 2​
1/4-20 x 4" Screw /Socket cap screw x2  ( or M6 x100mm) for handles.
1/4-20 x .5 Bolt -Screwed into top hole in the heat chamber (M6 may also work)
14 Gauge Wire with connectors
3 Prong Power Cord Cable​
1/4" Wire Loom (optional)
Titanium Exhaust Wrap with Stainless Steel zip ties (optional)

Here are some current Injection Molding Machines on the market. These sites are also a great resource for learning about and purchasing plastic and molds.  
LNS Tech Model 150A:​
Galomb Model B100:​

Another good online resource for purchasing Aluminum blanks to CNC or Mill. 
Speedy Metals:​

Music. Lone Wolf by Dan Lebowitz