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What is inside:
0:00 - Musaev presents a kid in the yard for a Zenit cap
0:57 - After a conversation with Galitsky, Murad walked with his homies at night in his native area
1:26 - What happened to Krasnodar
2:03 - Galitsky called at night after his dismissal
2:52 - "I flew to negotiate with the Champions League club." And How?
3:41 - Murad's home area. There he played football, washed sneakers on the asphalt and fought
4:33 - Murad, as a child, hit the offender with a club: "There was a shout at the whole house"
5:27 - The place everyone wants to be this summer
6:02 - Murad talks about his parents: dad was boxing, mom worked in trade
7:01 - Did your father cross paths with criminals?
8:03 - "I studied without Cs, and then the hard times began" (drugs, theft, alcohol in the area)
11:15 am - Why go to Europe?
12:44 - Galitsky is not allowed on an internship with Sarri at Chelsea
14:57 - And then let him go for an internship with Lopetegui at Sevilla
15:29 - Who does he want to go to now (all from Europe plus one coach from Russia)
16:19 - Murad speaks in such a top way about Krasnodar!
16:48 - Penalty hit the kid in the yard! And presents: for the ball, for the second number at the goalkeeper and for the cap of "Zenith"
18:04 - USA? All life in Krasnodar?
19:13 - Continue the phrase: "When it seems that today is the worst day ..."
19:40 - On a 10-point score - how strong was the stress from working in Krasnodar?
20:32 - How is the evening after the defeat
21:33 - "Left, arrived - it holds the family together"
22:22 - It's better not to touch Musaev after matches
24:01 - A story about a dinner with GATTUZO!
24:39 - Who else does Murad like to communicate with
25:49 - Why you shouldn't be ashamed of psychological problems
27:08 - "When you do a good workout, you are the happiest person."
27:55 - How to pay enough attention to your family when you are the head coach
29:22 - Best thing that happened in 3 years
30:16 - The last happiest day in Krasnodar (already in December)
30:40 - How are the evenings after victories
32:00 - The main question for Murad Musaev - where did he get the Gucci thinness?
33:09 - Why won't Musaev come to the match in a jacket and tie?
34:32 - Why are Musaev's expensive things not show-off
35:13 - Where does Murad get this sense of style? (father's advice)
35:47 - Favorite brands? Favorite color? How many sneakers are in the collection?
36:26 - Murad describes his character, talks about mate and shouting
38:35 - What happened to Spartak (conceded 6!)
40:06 - After Sevilla, Musaev told the team that she gave a damn? Is it so possible?
42:57 - Do players get offended when Murad yells at them?
43:49 - Why does Kayo mow so much?
44:58 - "When there is silence in the locker room, it's bad"
46:15 - How did life change when the salary increased several times?
47:33 - Galitsky told Musaev how to invest wisely
48:52 - Murad doesn't like to surprise his wife
49:50 - What Galitsky taught Murad
51:15 - Crazy story about the match with Zenit
52:30 - The main meme about the coaches of Krasnodar. Did the Galician squad for the match?
54:41 - Musaev watches the NBA at night!
55:44 - Important about the family
57:12 - "Because of the gap with Krasnodar, I don't feel very well"
58:30 - Happiest moment in life
58:50 - What he dreams of and who he wants to be