This speech is right. This sentence was pleasing to the eye. ... good elements of today's games In addition to having a fun game to play The story of the game that is transmitted through letters, signs, scenes, or characters' dialogue is another thing that helps to enhance the interest of the game as well Until perhaps the message Or these touching words Can be famous And became remembered among the game players no matter how long it has been And this video So I would like to compile those best sentences. Let's talk to each other.

Cool sentences - give inspiration
2:12 From Max Payne
5:23 From Bioshock
9:34 From Halo
10:40 From Call of Duty
13:17 from Red Dead Redemption.
14:05 from Alan Wake

Hahe sentence - joke
15:29 From Grand Theft Auto.
17:31 From Skyrim.
18:44 From Saint Row
19:01 From Resident Evil
20:27 From Metal Gear Solid
20:59 from Fallout
22:23 from Portal

Talk at the game page chapter one:
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