What’s up you guys! Thank you so much for all the love the last few months. ❤️ In today’s video, I will be showing you guys how to get this gorgeous soft glam look, using the KKW X MARIO ARTIST & MUSE COLLECTION. I hope you all have an absolutely AMAZING CHRISTMAS & Holiday! 🎄 Please don’t forget to LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE! 😘

Hi guys! My name is Jashaydee, I usually go by Shay. I am 24 years old (taurus gang lol.) I am a Temple University graduate. I graduated with my bachelors in Strategic Communications. I currently live in a small town outside of Philadelphia and currently work full time as an Assistant Retail Manager.

If you haven’t notice from my channel and my other videos, I LOVE ALL THINGS BEAUTY, FASHION AND LIFESTYLE.

I’d love to get to know as many of my subscribers as I can, and also my new subscribers too. Any small Youtubers want to connect or support one another, I am always down! 

I appreciate all the support my channel has received thus far and want to thank those that have been following my journey from the beginning and those joining me now.

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