Rich second-generation Kin, the president of a real estate company, is ruthless and arrogant. An "accident" caused him to meet Looktarn, a gold-worshiper who seemed to have only money in his eyes. Because of this "accident", Kin lost his memory and changed his personality 180 degrees, unknowingly he became attached to Looktarn. Just when they were in love, Kin's family found him, and there was also a fiancee who loved him deeply. After some things, Kin gradually recovered his original memory, but he forgot the little things he had with Looktarn and returned to his original life. Looktarn tried everything to fight for love, but Kin thought she was a liar gold worshiper. Will Kin remember his love for Looktarn? Who will he choose? Who caused this series of ‘accidents’?

Starring: Son Yuke Songpaisan (Son Yuke Songpaisan) / Vill Wannarot Sonthichai (Vill Wannarot Sonthichai)

Looktarn is a smart girl who made up a legend about a frog ghost to save their fallen resort business, which is the primary income of the people living in Chuen Chiva, her home town. Unknown to Looktarn and others, the resort was already mortgaged to a real estate company managed by Kin a cold-hearted, calm, and strict businessman. Kin creates a secret plan to expose the frog legend and build a high-end luxury resort in Chuen Chiva. However, due to an unexpected accident, he lost his memory and became very kind and warm-hearted. Looktarn's mom and village head lied to Kin, that he is the lover of Looktarn to save their resort. Looktarn began to take care of him and they soon fell in love and lived very happily together . However, their happiness didn't last long, Kin's parent came to the village to bring Kin back with them. He gains all of his memory back. Unfortunately, Kin has forgotten everything that has happened in the village, including Looktarn. Will Looktarn be able to make Kin' s to remember her?