My Top 8 Upcoming Thai New Lakorn 2020-2021. I'm so excited for my favorite upcoming Thai Lakorn.

1-Roy Lel Marnya (Pope+Bella)
2- Lel Bunpakarn (James Jirayu + Taew Nataphorn)
3- Song Sanaeha (James Ma + Kimberly)
4- Lai Kin Naree (Nadec + Yaya Urassaya)
5- Dung Duang Hareutai (Tik Jesadaporn + Kimberly)
6- Jao Gum Nai Wen (Mario + Yaya Urassaya)
7- Miti Thi Sara ( Nadech + Taew Nataphorn)
8- Duang Ta Thi Saam (James Ma + Mew Nittha)

Please comment bellow which drama is your favorite :-)

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