Mario Kart Wii PRO vs HACKED Luigi Circuit! It was extremely fun getting someone who isn't used to my antics involved.
Variation Sensation download:

This video was recorded in collaboration with Arc. Subscribe to his channel here:

I mostly used stock music and video game music, but the song at the start is a Luigi Circuit cover by JoshhMarshh! -

In this video, I got a Mario Kart Wii PRO to play every single Luigi Circuit edit in Variation Sensation, a set of custom tracks for Mario Kart Wii. Arc isn't the best player in the whole world, but he has enough game knowledge to trounce me at pretty much any track.

Will Arc be able to come first on these hacked Luigi Circuit tracks?

Oh, and we'll do Moo Moo Meadows if this video reaches 50 likes!

#VariationSensation #PROvsHACKED