On the evening of January 8, the HOT14 WOW Sunset Fest event officially took place, bringing together the famous Vpop stars such as Thuy Chi, Cara, Juky San, HuyR, Vuong Anh Tu, ... and certainly can not help but remind. to Jack - the "star" of today's night!

Appeared at the event as the owner of 11 weekly trophies of HOT14 chart, Jack received enormous cheers from fans who waded from afar to watch him perform and the mass audience present at event. As expected, the rookie guy has the most "terrible" achievements in Vpop history.

Vote for Jack's song "Hoa Hai Duong" on HOT14 chart at: https: //hot14.vn/ca-khuc/hoa-hai-duon ...
JACKETS - JACK | Live at HOT14 Wow Sunset Fest 08.01.2020
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