In this video we will share a little more tips to prepare for rumors when we have babies !! For families preparing to welcome new members in the family, ensuring a healthy living space becomes extremely important. Particularly for children, protecting them from mosquito bites to prevent dengue fever and kill mosquitoes without using chemicals is also a problem.

In this Vlog, Mother Xoai introduces to everyone the secret to protecting the family from fine dust, pollution and bacteria, preparing for the upcoming Tet with extremely useful products from Sharp:

♥ ️Active ion generator, integrated desiccant air filter DW- D20A-W: suitable for room area of ​​50m2
♥ ️ Active ion generator, built-in mosquito-catching air filter FP-JM30AV-B: suitable for room area 23m2

☘ ☘ ☘And if you are interested in the Sharp air purifier, you can see it in the link below. In addition, Sharp Vietnam also has many other very attractive promotions for the New Year's Day 2021. Visit Sharp's website now:

⭐Link website Sharp:
⭐Link Tet promotions: https: // ...

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