Commentary : 
1) Weird flex but ooookay 
2) To be honest if I was shrek and I saw that bride, I would be the first to walk away 
3) This girl runs into the glass wall about gets her brain cells reduced to half .. and the cycle continues 2 more times 
4) When you’re cute but you’re also not one to mess with 
5) She was so ready for this jump , but unfortunately her wig definitely wasn’t 
6) When a lizard has a more interesting life than you do 
7) If these guys keep playing these kinds of pranks the coffin dancers are coming after them 
8) Even as a mannequin’.. the pain is written all over its face 
9) This man’s impression of his wife might win him an Oscar 
10) This dog gets played a trick on ... but does it find it as funny ? Let’s wait and see 
11) When 2 friends get high they make a lot of sense but at the same time not at all

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