Just a short video of some updates pics and vids of CR[center ranch] Little Jewel AKA Chevy (:
Please no rude comments, I know she has some scratches and scars but 99.9% of them are from Peppi- my other horse. She is pretty dominant and her and Chevy always have little tiffs now and then.
I doctor her wounds with Furozone & then she's fine, so cool your jets mayne. Also if your wondering what Center Ranch is like- go to their web page, its the ranch the Chevy is from. And if your wondering what I plan on doing with this filly, im actually training her to be my barrel/pole horse- she's currently a cutting horse since shes from Center Ranch. Anywayyyy- Enjoy! ;D

Name: CR Little Jewel aka Chevy
Age: 3 years old
Bith Date: 4/12/06
Height: 15.2hh
Sire: Dualin Jewels
Dam: Smart Little Cartina
Disipline: Western 
Event: Cutting
Breeders: Center Ranch
Owner: Kaylee *****