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I would like to give this lovely song to every charming person. What was wrong? Sorry for coming here. Official Mv https://youtu.be/R10mrTJpqPw

Charming People - Pang Nakarin Cover by Bella Raiwin
Vocal by Bella Raiwin
Music by Kru Prao d'beat 2548 Girraffe Records
Record at B-star Studio
System Macbook Pro Logic X Sound Card Focusrite Saffire Pro40
System Macbook Pro Finalcut X Canon
Microphone Avantone Ck-7
Headphone Audio-technica ATH-M50X

Charming people
Hey, why is she drooling? Oh mama. Pretty black as a 2B pencil.
His chest does not seem to have. Flat screen like this Korean doctors would not accept it.
The forearm is considered large. What women grow legs Who made her angry and broke her neck?
I don't know how much weight Do you dare to scale it out? If you take her separately and look at each place I do not see anything beautiful.

** But overall looks so charming Don't be shy, I really say
She has a lot of charm Where are you going to be cute? Want to nestle The more you look, the more charming.

Hey you, who I have always broken my mouth You know, thick Just calling for her attention
Without knowing what words to start flirting with Mocking It's actually crazy about you.
Cute when you speak Deep, if it is a matter of heart, what do you look at with kindness?
Imperfect but balanced I saw her overall picture. You know, my heart is confused I'm completely obsessed with her.