Water, flowers, candles and glass. A combination that cannot be beat. The reflection of the candles through the water on a submerged flower is almost magical. Candlelight is not only very pleasant and calming but also very flattering for the ladies.

Our Cup Centerpieces are simple, very elegant, romantic and suitable for any occasion - a celebration, an intimate dinner, a wedding ...

They can be placed two by two or more the same or different for different looks. Each guest can also be given a glass with individual flowers and candle instead of or in addition to the centerpiece.
 These centers are very effective as well as very inexpensive, easy and quick to do. Depending on the occasion they can be made with different flowers including small figurines - with roses, gerberas, orchids, carnations, sprigs of tiny flowers ... and at Christmas a little holly or a poinsettia, a pine twig or Christmas balls or Christmas figurines .

• Choose glasses that are rather large. Ideal balloon-shaped or martini glasses but any large glass looks great. The important thing is that it is a glass, not a glass.
Cups without water
• You can use any flower, be it natural, paper, silk or artificial, figurines, Christmas balls ...
• Any low candle including tea
• If you want you can use our PET bases as candle holders if you use tea candles

Glasses with water:
• Natural, artificial or silk flowers - NOT PAPER
• Nuts, fine wire
• Stones, marbles etc., pebbles
• Floating candles - buy or see how to make them easily at home http: //www.youtube.com/watch? V = ErTB7T ...

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