HOW I EDIT MY VIDEOS USING IMOVIE // in which i show you how i edit my videos using imovie!

filmed on may 25th, 2019.

hey guys,

i hope this video is something you can find helpful, i know it doesn't apply to everyone but a lot of people have been requesting it so here it is!! i decided i'm going to make this a 3-part series, the other two parts being "how i edit my thumbnails" and "no copyright atheistic music" 

summer break is officially upon us so i hope to be more active on here and i really wanna grind and make this channel grow! also i'm going to work on tuesday (rip) and i'm gonna vlog my first day so woohooo for that! 

-love, leah

where else to find me on the interwebs:

email... [email protected]

some frequently asked questions:

-how old are you? i am 18!!
-what is your ethnicity? i am chinese :))
-what camera do you use? for vlogs i use a canon g7x mark ii and for sit down videos i use a canon rebel t3i 
-what school do you go to? i am currently a freshman at san diego state university!!
-where are you from? chicago, illinois! 

thanks again for watching :)))))))