Get ready! It's time for a hilarious collection of Mario videos and bloopers by Team Level UP.
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This compilation video was animated by 6 Team Level UP animators, be sure to us out for more awesome stuff!

Duplex Cherry​
Level UP​
Maniac Mizuto​

Characters and Music by Nintendo

Bianco hills remix by Tater-Tot Tunes:​

SMB2 athletic theme remix by Tater-Tot Tunes:​

SMAS overworld remix by John Santos

Villager sprite made by Neoriceisgood:​

SMW castle remix by TheLegendOfRenegade:​

MarioKart DS Airship fortress remix by Loeder:​

SMW Mario sprites by MarioKing64DS, Zonic, CyberwolfJV/TheGuy07

Mario spin out sprites by TLU Member Coco

Mario Kart DS balloon battle remix by Tater-Tot Tunes:​

Koopahari desert remix by Silentzorah:​

Wing cap 64 remix by Nex_​

Forest of illusion remix by Myakh:​

Super bell hills by TheTimebreaker:​

SMB underground trap remix by Mykah:​

SMW athletic remix by TheNintendoCode:​

SMB3 Grassland remix by Mykah:​
Gloomy Manor remix by NoteBlock:​

Jump up superstar by EternalSushi:​

Super Bell Hill remix by Qumu:​

8 bit power (intro/outro theme) by HeatleyBros:​

SMW castle remix by Garrett Williamson 2:​

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