We are at the Cité de La Voix du Zaïre, where the country's radio and television are grouped together. Franco is at the Maman Angebi studio, which bears the name of a great lady of Zairian television. He is the guest of the famous show "Variété Samedi Soir".

Presented by Lukunku Sampu, star of Zairian television (a sort of Michel Drucker, for the French public). The tube Mario (about fifteen minutes) was released in 1985 and this live on TV maybe the same year, if not 1986. This is perhaps the moment when Franco presents the Madilu, confirmed as the major singer of the group in Brussels a little earlier.

Mario, everyone sang his name, humming the tune of the song, across the continent. Those who do not speak Lingala have remembered the name, but very few have understood its meaning. Mario is a kind of gigolo who lives on the hooks of a successful woman and maintains him. But she complains about him: his abuse, his machismo (while he lives at his expense) his brutality and his irresponsibility. It is the reproaches of this tired woman (na lembi, in Lingala) that are at the heart of the song. Madilu lends him his voice. As for Franco here, he admonishes Mario and interprets the unfortunate woman.

Who is Mario? There has been a lot of speculation. Franco having been the painter of society, many people believed they recognized acquaintances or celebrities. But since no one was clear who this gigolo was being denounced, Franco allowed the suspense to grow, which created what we would now call "the buzz": but who is Mario?

Translated for PAM by Kerwin Mayizo.

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