*Due to copyright issues, I had to cut some parts out so this video contains funny and important parts of the uncut version of the show. The parts I cut out are mostly them talking about the story and things we already know :) *

This has been a high request and I really agree lol This interview is the best one of Buppesannivas cast so far. It's SO funny that's why I wanted to sub it so badly. If I made any mistake on the language, I'm sorry in advance for my English. Hope you guys enjoy it :)

Language explanation

- P' = to call someone older. It's needed and has to be used every time to show respect. Calling someone older without using P' is very rude.
ex. Punjan calls Pope "P'Pope" even when they were jokingly insulting each other or P' can be used alone without names

- Nong = to call someone younger (not needed)
ex. Punjan calls Prang "Nong Prang"

- Ai = A prefix placed in front of someone's name when insulting. Mostly used with close friends. Can't be used to call someone older, it's very rude.
ex. Pope calls Punjan Ai Pun and sometimes calls Bella Ai Bell, and doesn't call them "Nong", shows how close they are


1. At 8:44​ and 12:59​ Pope said to Punjan "It's Pope" which is probably their thing cause these two are very close. My guess is it's kind of like "It's Pope, your friend, so don't tease me" smth like that, same as what Punjan said at 10:12​ "It's Nong!" Calling himself Nong is even more to make Pope feel like he's the younger one and shouldn't be teased. I find this thing VERY CUTE

ANYWAY... hope you guys enjoyed it :)

Ps2. List of the actors/actresses' names mentioned in the video in case you guys don't know who plays who in the drama

Pope : Date/Khun P'/Muen Sunthorndewa/Khun Sri Visarnwaja (So many names lol)
Punjan : Khun Rueng/Ruengrit
Louis : Constantine Phaulkon/Jao Praya Wichaiyen/Ork Prarit Kamhaeng
Bella : Karakade, Kadesurang
Prang : Mae Ying Janward
Most : Joi
Noon : P'Yam
Uncle Ning : Ork Pra/Pra Hora Thibodi (Date's father)