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🔥 Enlistment star 2020 - The female warrior promises many surprises with the negotiating cast: Artist Dieu Nhi, Nam Thu, Miss America Duyen, YouTuber Hau Hoang, Singer Duong Hoang Yen, Actor Do Khanh Van. Experience the contents at the Special Forces Brigade, who will usurp the "swampy" throne of Miss Huong Giang SS4?
🔥 Link Full season 2020-2021: https://bom.to/rOxD3Xv
🔥 Watch for stars enlisting in the army 2020 in the time slots:
     Saturday 12H00 on Channel TH QPVN
     💓 08:00 Sunday on VTV3
     💓 09H00 Sunday on Mocha & Keeng Movies
     💓 10:00 Sunday on Youtube Channel: Sao enlisted - QPVN
🔥 Production Team
• General director: Luong Hai Khoa
• Director: Le Quy Giap & Le Duc Cuong
• Organization of production: Nguyen Nga
• Editor: Pham Thanh Hao
• D.O.P: Doan Ngoc Uoc
• Cinematographer: Mai Trung Khanh; Thai Ngan; World War, Ngoc Thang, Van Thao, Tuan Vu, Manh Cuong, Thanh Nam, Quang Huy, Huy Tuan, Vu Sung
• Engineering & Lighting: Do Duy Sy, Thanh Nguyen, Duc Chinh, Van Ha, Minh Tuyen
• Sound: Doan Loc & Nguyen Toi
• Supporting production: Van Hai, Ngoc Hoang, Anh Tuan, Trieu Huong, Van Hue, Minh Tan
• Editor: Hai Khoa Luong, Cuong Le, Quy Giap, Thanh Hao, and Leo Kay
• Graphics: Phung Tung & HaoMi & Hannah Ru & Cao Ha
• Post-production: Thanh Liem, Thanh Tung, Anh Duc, Hiep Cine
• Media: Nga Nguyen, Tran Phuong, Giang Boom, Linh Ba
• Media sponsor: Tiin.vn
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