This video shows all Free-For-All Minigames in Mario Party The Top 100 for Nintendo 3DS. If you liked this video and want to see more from this game, please check out the playlist below.

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Mario Party:
Bombs Away
Face Lift
Shy Guy Says

Mario Party 2:
Bowser's Big Blast
Bumper Balls
Dizzy Dancing
Hexagon Heat
Honeycomb Havoc
Roll Call
Shell Shocked
Slot Car Derby

Mario Party 3:
Bounce 'n' Trounce
Chip Shot Challenge
Ice Rink Risk
Mush Pit
Rockin' Raceway
Snowball Summit
Storm Chasers
The Beat Goes On
Three Door Monty

Mario Party 4:
Mario Speedwagons
Paths of Peril
Three Throw
Trace Race

Mario Party 5:
Cage-in Cookin'
Coney Island
Dinger Derby
Hotel Goomba
Later Skater
Leaf Leap
Night Light Fright
Pushy Penguins
Triple Jump

Mario Party 6:
Catch You Letter
Dizzy Rotisserie
Snow Whirled
Strawberry Shortfuse
Trap Ease Artist

Mario Party 7:
Balloon Busters
Dart Attack
Deck Hands
Monty's Revenge
Pokey Pummel
The Final Countdown
Track & Yield

Mario Party 8:
Aim of the Game
At the Chomp Wash
Crank to Rank

Mario Party 9:
Bumper Bubbles
Don't Look
Goomba Bowling
Jigsaw Jumble
Logger Heads
Magma Mayhem
Peak Precision
Pier Pressure
Speeding Bullets

Mario Party 10:
Flash Forward
Soar to Score


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Unlike other installments from the Mario Party series, which have a focus on boards and their gameplay, Mario Party: The Top 100 has a focus on the various minigames from home console entries, which serves akin to an extended minigame mode from previous installments. Mario Party: The Top 100 does not introduce any new minigames on its own, serving purely as a compilation for minigames from previous installments.
The minigames have players doing various activities in a short time limit, such as racing against opponents in a skating rink or platforming against rivals. Players use Nintendo 3DS capabilities to perform actions, such as tapping objects with the touch screen, blowing into the mic, or using the gyroscope to balance or steer objects, though most minigames use the traditional buttons and control stick format. The goal is to perform the best out of opponents within each minigame rule and controls, which are briefly explained prior to playing the minigame. Some minigames allow players to team up against opponents, either in symmetrical 2-on-2 minigames or asymmetrical 1-on-3 minigames, and some minigames have only two players competing against each other, called Duel minigames. Not limited to these general minigames are DK minigames, Bowser minigames, Extra minigames, and Puzzle minigames from previous installments, all labeled as Special minigames in this game.
The game is for four players only: if there are not enough human players, computer-controlled players fill up the slots. These computer players can be adjusted with difficulty levels from Normal, Hard, Very Hard, and the unlockable Master difficulty. There are colors for each player.
Other auxiliary game modes are included in this installment. They provide other ways to play minigames, such as playing through a randomized set of minigames in Minigame Island, or playing a fixed amount and type of minigames to set records in a Decathlon mode.

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