Ready for productivity? This is a VERY long study music video that is designed to help you stay on track and focus on your work. The instrumental background music is nonstop, making it the ideal music to do homework to, music for studying, and the ultimate study music for exam time.

I really put my heart and soul into my music because I really want to give you the best study music possible. Will you support me and subscribe?​...

My style for this video is classical genre with piano, strings, and synths. Inherently, it is serves as soothing music, or relaxing music, with more melody. 

In order to use this music to help focus, you have to play this in a certain way. First start the video, then adjust the volume to a comfortable level. Depending on how much you want to focus, turn the music lower for more focus, such as reading. If you want to use this music to do homework to, then it's okay to turn it up. Then let the music play as your own background music instrumental track. Eventually, you won't even be paying attention to the study music, start inducing alpha waves, and become in the zone. 

This video is derived from several of my earlier study music works, "Beyond this World" and "Forever Diamond," which I will provide in the playlist link below:​

I hope you also like the animations! I've been working really hard to make them better. Sometimes I feel like I'm the Study Cat, just listening to music for studying and cramming like crazy, hoping that one day this knowledge grows into something special.

Anyway, I'll be a bit busy this winter. I'm still an anesthesiology resident, and besides the medical/hospital duties I must fulfill, I am writing a book chapter for a textbook! So you see, I'm in the same boat as a lot of you guys! STILL grinding. Let's study together and hustle together. Add this to your study music playlist.

Did the study music help you focus? Did you use this music to study? OR did you use this music for relaxing? Was this video effective as concentration music? Please let me know in comments below! I am always looking for ways to improve. 

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-Dennis Kuo, MD

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My name is Dennis Kuo. I am the music producer and visual artist of the Study Music Project. For the most part, I produce music that I have deemed study music or work music - music to work to, or music for studying. However, my music is a little different from the rest. Why? Because I actually still study. I am also a medical doctor and still needs more study music, work music, concentration music, and relaxing music. I have never found anything I am completely satisfied with on YouTube, so I made my own. Despite its original purpose, some have found that these could be used as sleep music, calm music, yoga music, peaceful music, beautiful music and relaxing music. This makes sense because the principle behind Study Music Project is that a learning mind is a relaxed mind.

Your comments and feedback from the music are always taken into consideration, and helps me improve future ones, so let's make Study Music Project into community collaboration!



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