Benefits of Delta Waves
1-Deep sleep and healing – the main benefit of Delta Waves is allowing the person to get a good night’s sleep, which allows the body to heal itself and rest and revitalize the mind. Without it, a person will wake up feeling lethargic and weak instead of recharged. In some cases, Delta Waves even help slow down the aging process, through the production of hormones like DHEA and melatonin, which affects the skin, bodily functions, and overall well-being. It also helps produce natural human growth hormone by the pituitary gland, which also helps restore the body (and for athletes and people who love to workout, reap the benefits of the day’s efforts), as well as improve the immune system to further protect the body from sickness and illness.

2-Regular bodily functions – Delta Waves control all of the body’s activities that we are not conscious of. Proper heartbeat, proper kidney functioning, proper liver functioning, proper breathing, proper digestion, etc. Having a good dose of Delta Waves makes sure that everything is in-sync and of good working order. And this is important. Because while we can stop ourselves from tripping over something and avoiding injury, we have no control of how kidneys go and function. So we are relying on our body to simply function well. 

3-Increase in empathy and intuition – a good production of Delta Waves allows the person to care more and empathize more with people, generally leading to being more receptive to their problems and being more willing and fulfilled to help them. It also helps to further accept and understand other people’s emotions, relate to their problems, and think of ways to help. Included in this is an increase in one’s intuition, which in scientific terms is the body’s natural response to certain events or activities. Intuition allows the person to tap into the body’s natural capabilities and the mind’s expectations, thus allowing for better decision making when it comes to “trusting your gut.”
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