Every year many computers end up for sale online as "faulty" or "broken". Whether it's the family computer or a high end gaming PC every system deserves a second chance, so in this series I'll be buying and fixing all the broken systems I can, cleaning them and fixing them and selling them on to a new owner.
The first PC to arrive was this HP Pavilion 500 series gaming machine, though the term "gaming" should be used very loosely indeed. This dust covered computer had a couple of little problems but they were easily remedied.
0:00 Introduction
0:47 Does It Switch On?
1:30 Taking the PC Apart and Discovering What's Inside...
4:34 Let The Cleaning Begin!
7:58 Dealing With The Dirty Motherboard, CPU and Heatsink
10:34 Let's Talk About That Graphics Card...
11:59 There's Still a Problem
12:40 Testing Stability and Gaming Performance
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