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Going over how I turned my small robinhood account from $178 into $6K In one month. I did this using robinhood options and trading my strategy that I have outlined over the last year. It may have taken time and it required a lot of losing but the job was completed and now we have enough for a long term dividend portfolio if we wanted. Nonetheless, I go over how I grew this account and made such a profit by talking about what not to do. Being a trader for 13 years I have learned a lot of things to do and what can make money, but even more important is what not to do when trading. Especially when it comes to options, if anything these are the biggest mistakes option traders run into at some point in there career. Either way though, the journey is not finished and there is a lot to do in markets like these, but if anything do not quit. It is possible to make money trading. If you want to trade for a living, give it time. You can do it with robinhood and don't need to do much, there is just a lot you need to NOT DO! Let me know if you guys have any questions and see you on stream! 

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