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 More than any star, more than the sun 
You shine more precious than anything else
Do you feel the same?
Do you like me? 
If so, please tell me - Better than any star ( Red Velvet )

0:00​ Feeling – April (Extraordinary you ost )
03:07​ I like You – Hello Gayoung
06:18​ 45.7cm – Yoo SeungWoo, OOHYO
09:50​ In those days, I liked – MJ, Flower Kim
13:09​ Mallang Mallang – Wable
15:41​ You are beautiful – Yoo SeungWoo ( feat Louie of Geeks)
19:14​ Spring love – J_ust, Ahin (Momoland)
22:51​ Love Story – Suran, Crush
26:29​ Blueming – IU
30:08​ Love Virus - KiHyun (Monsta X), SeolA (WJSN)
33:30​ Better than any star - Red Velvet
37:16​ Cloud – Rothy
40:22​ Spring is gone by chance - Loco, Yuju (GFRIEND)

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