A new collection of figurines for all fans and fans of the record-breaking MINECRAFT game.
The game allows you to build and create a world from cubic blocks,
with your favorite character.
The open, three-dimensional world stimulates the imagination and encourages the creation of interesting buildings.
The set with a figurine takes the game from the virtual world and allows you to play with your favorite figurines in the real world.

- Steve - one of the variants of now unused human mobs. These were introduced as a test in the Indev stage.
At that point, it was stated that the player's avatar would look like Steve in the future, although he didn't look like a miner.

Steve figurine
coal ore
iron pickaxe.

- Mobile Zombie Figurine - An aggressive mob that works in dark or dimly lit areas.
He attacks slowly and can only use direct attacks.
- Zombie figure, block and sword.

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In countless worlds Steve is happy to dig endlessly in a quest for diamonds and glory, and now he can continue his quest at your home. Steve comes with his removable pickaxe and a Dirt Block accessory so that he can get to work right away. His poseable arms help tackle any obstacle; he makes a great gift for Minecraft enthusiasts, fans and for minor miners. Minecraft Steve action figure is approximately 3-inches tall. Ages 3+.

Overworld Steve
Iron Pick Ax
Coal Ore Block

From the hit video game, Minecraft, bring home the Zombie action figure pack. Collect all Series # 1 Minecraft action figures.

Overworld Zombie
Iron Ore Block
Collect all Series # 1 Minecraft action figures