Will Alex be able to find Steve?! Join Alex and Steve on their animated adventure!!
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Hide and seek cheater?! | Minecraft Life of Alex & Steve | Minecraft Animation -  Enjoy
Voice Actors:
Alex - https://twitter.com/vasnapdragon
Steve  - https://www.youtube.com/shadyvoxyt
Villager - https://www.youtube.com/elementanimation
Ben - https://www.youtube.com/gamehoggames
Co-written by Proline
Special thanks to RobotPantaloons
DISCLAIMER: The Minecraft videos we create are not approved by or associated with Mojang unless specified otherwise. This is purely a fan series.
What is Minecraft? Minecraft is a Lego style adventure game which has massively increased in popularity since it was released many years ago, like Roblox and The Sims. Minecraft has a huge enjoyment to loyal players who want to have a real minecraft set. Players are able to roleplay with one another, play modded minecraft, minecraft roleplay, create their own story. Mods are a fun way to change the game to make your own monster school, noob vs pro, noob vs pro vs hacker vs god,  top 5, minecraft life animation or machinima, trolling xbox friends. The possibilities are endless!
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