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11:29​ - Biker cries pathetically after cop catches him doing 183mph:
A motorcyclist who goaded a police officer into chasing after him at 183mph whimpered and sobbed after the no-nonsense cop arrested him. Senior Airman Michael Workman, 24, dissolved into self-pity after he and two pals decided to take their bikes for a high-speed ride along Interstate 35 in Love County, Oklahoma, on April 25.
Workman and a pal were soon spotted doing 80mph in a 70mph zone by Oklahoma State Highway Trooper Walter Jack, but decided to speed off in a bid to outrun the law enforcement officer. That saw the pair reach speeds of up to 183mph while weaving dangerously in and out of traffic as they were chased by the Jack. 

He kept up with the pair, and eventually managed to box Workman’s red Honda bike in after the airman got caught in traffic. Jack’s dashcam recorded the trooper screaming at Workman for being ‘stupid’ after the speeder tried apologizing - with the serviceman’s face a picture of misery as he was led cuffed into the car’s passenger seat. 

Trooper Jack piled on the agony further, telling Workman he’d only have received a ticket had he stopped when first caught speeding. And he couldn’t resist one last jibe at the reckless speeder, telling him: ‘Now you got to listen to my terrible music. Hang tight.’ The video was shared by the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety

Workman, who is based at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma, faces charges of endangering others and eluding a police officer, and could be jailed for up to five years, or fined up to $5,000. 

The second motorcyclist he sped off with has been apprehended by police, but has not been named, and faces the same charges.
A third biker who stopped when first flashed by Trooper Jack has been fined, with all three airmen having their bikes impounded.

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