Franco presente a great song that is a important message to people: AIDS. This issue was a big problem during the late 1980s and early 1990s period. One person who reportedly got this sad diease was Franco due to his poor choices in his early life. Due to this reported issue, it imspired him to write this song and say to others that you need to be careful what do in life and others need to find ways to solve this issue. 

Grand Maitre was a sending the right message about people needing to be aware of Aids. A lot of people had this virus in the late 1980s and early 1990s especially one man. Ryan White who had aids for no reason. He passed away in 1990, a year after Franco died. 

Franco sadly only died two years after this great song came out. It is so sad. Franco died too soon. He had much more to say in life but his life was taken on October 12, 1989. 

He did this song with King Kester Emeneya's band Victoria Elesien. It had musicians including I think Safro Mazingi. Ntesa is the backup singer. 

More thoughts on this song, check the song here

Grand Maitre promised King Kester Emeneya that he would give some OK Jazz musicians to him. That promised was fullfiled on King Kester Emeneya's 1988 Lp NZINZI which would include the song Nzinzi