What if Goku was sent to Beerus' Planet? The Story of God of Destruction Kakarot. 

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WHAT IF GOKU was sent to BEERUS' Planet? BONUS PART: https://youtu.be/opNGvWpxYfo

0:00 Goku lands on Beerus' Planet
5:16 Raditz, Nappa, and Vegeta arrive on Beerus' Planet
13:37 God of Destruction Kakarot vs Beerus
18:44 God of Destruction Kakarot vs Frieza
22:58 God of Destruction Kakarot vs Majin Buu
25:30 God of Destruction Kakarot vs King Cold and Broly
36:16 God of Destruction Kakarot vs Moro
45:24 God of Destruction Kakarot vs Champa

The Saiyans have been recalled to Planet Vegeta to be annihilated by Freeza, but Bardock can tell something isn’t right. After learning that Freeza is trying to gather information about the Super Saiyan he realizes that Freeza is going to destroy the planet and the Saiyan race along with it. There’s no time to waste, his mate Gine is a kind Saiyan and her kindness has rubbed off onto him. He has the urge to save a life - just this once. Bardock wants to save his infant son - Kakarot. After convincing Gine to send Kakarot away Bardock steals a ship and has to pick a world suitable for sending a low class warrior to. Together they look through the charted worlds and find one that is restricted, but also has no notable power signatures - only wildlife. Perhaps this world is one that Freeza has no interest in, making it the perfect place to send their child. With a solem goodbye and the hope in their hearts that they can retrieve him after the dust settles Kakarot is sent away, but Bardock and Gine were wrong. 
While Freeza, King Cold, and even King Vegeta were aware of the God of Destruction Beerus and his world the low ranking Saiyans weren’t told of it. This world was restricted not out of lack of interest, but because it was owned by the most frightening being in the Universe - Beerus. As Kakarot’s pod flies through space towards Beerus’ world - the God of Destruction has received most interesting news from the Oracle Fish - a being that can foresee vague fortunes that will come true. The Oracle Fish told Beerus that his greatest rival - the Super Saiyan God - would appear in 39 years. Beerus is intrigued, but isn’t sure a Saiyan will be a worthy adversary - not to mention the fact that Beerus had already given Freeza permission to destroy Planet Vegeta and the Saiyan race already.

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