Enjoy our selection of the best performances from the Pitch Perfect Trilogy!

00:00​ Cup Song
00:36​ Cheap Thrills
01:40​ Run the world
03:09​ You spin my head
04:06​ Singing battle
05:26​ Musical Distraction
06:03​ Auditions
07:17​ Outdoor singing battle
08:16​ TSA Light it up
10:15​ Multi generation Performance

What’s the movie Pitch Perfect about? 
At Barden University, Amy (Rebel Wilson) and Beca (Anna Kendrick) join the Barden Bellas, an all-girl acapella group. The Bellas compete against another group from their college to win the National Acapella Championship.
Rent or buy Pitch Perfect here: https://amzn.to/2V2aBg2​ 
Credits: © 2012 Universal Pictures

What’s the movie Pitch Perfect 2 about? 
After a humiliating performance at the Kennedy Center, the Barden Bellas, an all-female acapella singing group from Barden University, enter the world championships to regain their reputation, but no American group has ever won it… 
Rent or buy Pitch Perfect 2 here: https://amzn.to/2V6jmpl​ 
Credits: © 2015 Universal Pictures

What’s the movie Pitch Perfect 3 about? 
The Bellas reunite for one last singing competition at an overseas USO tour but are up against a group who also play instruments.
Rent or buy Pitch Perfect 3 here: https://amzn.to/3g7PcM7​
Credits: © 2017 Universal Pictures

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