Here's a mega-collection of the funniest Mario bloopers and fails made by Level UP!
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COPPA COMPLIANCE - There are NO ABCs, sing alongs, child education content or ANY kids only content on Level UP. All content here is rated E for everyone, my content is for people of all ages to enjoy.

***EASTER EGG HUNT*** This is a giant hunt! Can you find:
5 Yoshi eggs
4 Wario caps
A Sonic ring, Bucket of milk, a Pokemon center and Handsome squidward's face
3 Mini goombas
And 3 Lakitu appearances? 

Characters and Music by Nintendo/Sega/Loeder/PaulLeClair/Rakohus/TheLegendOfRenegade/Qumu/Starman3/heatley bros

NSMB vs mode remix by Loeder:​

Awesome Waluigi Pinball remix by PaulLeClair:​

SMW Athletic theme remix by Rakohus:​

SMB1 Castle remix by TheLegendOfRenegade:​

SM3DW Bowser remix by Qumu:​

Mario Party 2 Western Land remix by Starman3:​

8 Bit summer short version (outro theme) by heatley bros:​