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From the author of Super Riff World 2:
Riff World 2 is a kaizo Super Mario World hack that I have been working on for quite a long time, it has been in development since mid 2018. This hack features a blend between modern and old kaizo level design.

The main inspirations for the hack are familiar to most who play or watch these games

The Kaizo Mario trilogy
Banzai Mario World
Grand Poo World 1/2

This hack is fairly difficult and meant to serve as a sequel to Super Riff Wolrd. Much like the original it remains very largely vanilla (few custom enemies/gimmicks) although there is the odd custom thing here and there, similar to the first game.

The driving idea behind the hack was to constrain the design to similar limitations as the first, so it keeps that same feel. Working within those limitations was very difficult as it was very hard to continue to come up with ideas that felt fresh and fun while largely working with the same toolset as the original, which makes it hard to innovate. Hopefully those goals have been met as fun was the most important thing while designing it.

There’s lots of tileset mixing, both foreground/background and sprites, which hopefully leads to some interesting and fresh combinations of enemies and themes.

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