In the new Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury on the Nintendo Switch, you can play as Mario in Bowser's Fury, and you can't currently play as Luigi, Toad, or Princess Peach like you can in Super Mario 3D World. I wanted to change that, and here are the glitchy and funny results of that. Wondering what Toad looks like with Mario's face? What would Giga Cat Toad look like against the Bowser boss fights? Luigi with Mario's face? We've got all that in this video, and more!

This was a really fun mod to make for Bowser's Fury, and with some adjustments, it would be possible to play Bowser's Fury as Luigi or Peach or Toad or different characters! Here's a display of some almost playable glitchy mods, with strange faces, different coloured tails, weird power-ups, and hilarious characters in Bowser's Fury!

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Luigi introduction - 0:00​
Collecting a Cat Shine with Luigi - 0:21​
Lake Lapcat with Luigi - 0:35​
Bowser Jr cutscene with Luigi - 0:44​
Shadow Luigi and regular Luigi - 1:09​
Small Luigi - 1:16​
Cat Suit Luigi - 1:30​
Cat Suit Luigi getting a Cat Shine - 2:01​ 
Mario with Luigi's boomerang power-up - 2:19​
Luigi Cat Mario vs Bowser - 2:27​
Looks like Bowser Jr has more to say - 3:11​
Princess Peach Mario character - 3:23​
Princess Peach Cat Suit Mario - 3:51​
Getting a Cat Shine with Princess Peach - 4:21​
Princess Peach vs Bowser - 4:33​
Looks like Bowser Jr has more to say - 6:20​
Propellor Box Princess Peach - 6:33​
Toad in Bowser's Fury- 6:46​
Toad face - 7:01​
Getting a Cat Shine as little Toad - 7:35​
Bowser Jr cutscene with Toad - 8:13​
Toad Cat Suit in Bowser's Fury - 8:42​
Shrunken Shadow Luigi - 9:16​
Toad vs Bowser battle - 9:32​
Looks like Bowser Jr has more to say - 10:55​

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