Shortly after Zalgiris' easy 83-60 victory over the team from Klaipeda, the Lithuanian coach was asked about the absence of Augusto Lima from the team due to the birth of his child.

"What do I think?" "I gave him permission", Saras initially answered, with the journalist insisting: "But is it normal for a player to leave the team during the semifinals?"

And at that moment, Yasikevitsius ... broke out: "Do you have children? Once you have children, you will understand what is happening. This is the significance of human experiences. That's a good question though. Do you think that basketball is the most important thing in life? Is a semifinal important? For whom; Did you see how many people came to the stadium today? Do you think that's important? When you have your first child, you will understand what is important and what is not in life. Let's say it then, if it is. Because there can be nothing more magical for a man than the birth of his child. Believe me. No titles, nothing. August is in heaven now, and I'm really happy for him ... "