There are various types of advertisements nowadays. Since video based on television Street poster Or according to the magazine page Which although there are different ways of presenting But one thing in common is that they must "get attention" from the audience. Therefore thinking outside the box to create something new It is the tool that can be used to catch the eye of the audience the most. Something is strange and bang there. But that is strange and there are also paks.
And in this video, I'm going to take a look back at both of them, what the clack and bang look like ...

[1:18 - Electronics Art]
1:18 Dead Space 2 The Game Your Mom Hates
3:07 Mercenaries 2 When EA shows off, he takes it.
4:36 Dante's Inferno, what are they protesting for?
[5:55 - Bethesda]
5:55 Skyrim and the dragon child
[8:10 - SONY]
8:28 PSP doesn't like graffiti ..
9:37 The white PSP has arrived!
10:28 PSP When I wanted a PSP for Christmas.
12:04 God of War, a ha ha party with a headless goat !?
PS Vita with double-sided touch function
[13:40 - Ubisoft]
13:48 Splinter Cell Conviction cosplay wrong time
14:55 Watch Dogs, the black box turbulent for the whole company
[16:33 - THQ] Homefront. Where are the balloons so beautiful but floating?
[17:36 - NOKIA] N-KAGE sexy .. like this.
[19:33 - SEGA] Sega Saturn didn't notice any woman!
[21:08 - CAPCOM] Resident Evil 6.
[22:31 - Squre Enix] Hitman Absolution want to kill your friend ..

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