Hello everyone, today I am uploading a video as requested, Making Squishy Glow In The Dark Strawberry Cookie Homemade inspired by iBloom.
For friends who are going home, be careful on the road!
#xoxo #dydeia #squishyglowinthedark
Please Read! (I'm willing to write long, though)
- Homemade Squishy I WILL NOT be sold or become a Gift Giveaway, why?
Because making Homemade squishies takes a lot of time (1 SQUISHY: 4-6 Days), energy, thoughts and costs are not small (fabric paint costs quite a bit), and the IDE itself is not easy hehe, because the Squishies I make are many not on
- I make SQUISHY usually takes 4-6 DAYS to complete and 1-2 WEEKS LATER I UPLOAD ON YOUTUBE, I NEVER upload suddenly so that the quality of the content is still good and you are NOT Bored hehehe
- The foam / sponge that I usually use: Dish washing foam, motorbike / car washing foam, mattress / mattress ... the important thing is that the foam isn't solid, I usually buy the KENMASTER brand, sometimes use Memory Foam because I used to sell it.
- Fabric Paint brands that can be used: Tulip, Dimensional, 3D Scribbles, sometimes I mix or mix them so that the color and texture are closer to what I want.
If you don't have it, you can use Dydeia 1 and 2 Paint, but read and watch the tutorial carefully.
- Remember! The paint I made is NOT Fabric Paint, but an alternative paint for making homemade squishy is NOT for DECO.
- The acrylic paint I used: FolkArt, Reeves
- All the materials I used, I sold on Tokped, but now it's not sold anymore.
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Stay positive, hummble & loving, because life is only once :)

- Inspired by this video idea? Don't forget credit this channel because to find an idea is not easy, it takes time and hard work,
and I feel appreciated by you so I don't hesitate to share my idea again, thank you in advance.
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