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"How to hide from children? They know everything anyway "sang Dionysis Savvopoulos several years ago and in Atrakto, we give ourselves the opportunity to learn, at least a little, from the knowledge that children hide inside them. In "Big Talks by Atraktos Kids" children have the first word, the microphone and the opportunity to ask what concerns them, pique their interest, asking "tough" questions to people dear to the general public.
The purpose of Atraktou's show / action "Big Talks by Atraktos Kids", is to give young children a step and the opportunity for adults to return to innocence, and to remember what it is like to say what you think, without filters and suspensions.
After all, children close their ears to advice, but open their eyes to… examples. So Atraktos is the bridge between positive role models and children. Everyday people, but different in their field, politicians, artists, presenters and athletes compose the "puzzle" of acquaintance with our little friends, which Atraktos wants to "build".

Concept: Attractions
Production: Filmskin
Directed by: Vassilis Antoniadis

#Atraktos #MegalesKouventes