Season 4 of the funniest Mario bloopers and Fails made by Level UP is here!
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***EASTER EGG HUNT*** This is a pretty big hunt! 🔎 Can you find:
3 Weird Marios (Luigi got a Weird Mushroom and then this happened)
3 Mini Bob-Ombs (Here's how Mario can beat Impossible Mode 2 Bowser)
Luigi, Wario and Waluigi (Mario got a Colossal Mushroom and then this happened)
3 literal Easter Eggs (Mario's Easter egg hunt Mayhem 2)

Characters and Music by Nintendo/Loeder/TheLegendOfRenegade/Qumu/Tater-Tot Tunes/ClefferNotes/ArgoFox/G&J/Singed360noscopefling/HeatleyBros

SMB2 athletic theme remix by Tater-Tot Tunes:

Peach's Castle N64 remix by TheLegendOfRenegade:

NSMBW underground remix by TheLegendOfRenegade:

SMB1 fortress remix by TheLegendOfRenegade:

Aku Aku sprite by Exciteless:

Some Bowser customs by Icepony64

 SMB3 Overworld Remix by Qumu:

Walette (sprited by me) reference picture by Nicktheilart:

MK8 custom bowser castle theme by ClefferNotes:

Disconcient by ArgoFox/G&J:

Song of time remix by Singed360noscopefling:

Bowser's castle Remix by Tater-Tot-Tunes:

Outro theme (8 Bit summer) by HeatleyBros:

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