This is stock market for beginners 2021 edition! This video should helps out anyone who is looking for an in depth stocks for beginners video. I will take you through stock market basics to even more complicated stock market subjects. How to invest in the stock market is something everyone should know. It is not just about stocks to buy now or stocks to watch. It is about running a portfolio of stocks and doing it in a very wise way. Building wealth through the stock market is one of the best things you can ever do. 

In this video we will talk about what is the stock market, what is a stock, how is corporate structure done, and how to buy stocks, how to sell stocks. 
After that we will get into how to make money from stocks, taxes and stocks, how are stocks taxed, how to value stocks, the mentality I use when investing, and how to research stocks. After that we will get into how to diversify a stock portfolio, how to invest based on age, options and leverage, how to value growth stocks and i will give you examples of great stocks for stock market beginners. I hope you enjoy this stock market for beginners 2021 video! 

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Stocks for beginners 2021 lets go!