The misadventures continue for poor Mario, the MTG host, who discovers that he is the victim of an inextricable contractual clause devised by the perfidious Lord Micidial, the new owner of the broadcaster. Moreover, Ginetto, the demented son of Micidial, creates several problems for him ... Every week a complete episode of the cult series of 2013 Mario: Una Serie Di Maccio Capatonda! #MarioMTV #MaccioCapatonda

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Mario is an anchorman immersed in a spiral of absurd situations, ambiguous dead ends and insane inserts. Don't miss the cult 2013 fiction-sketch-comedy by Maccio Capatonda as the MTG journalist and all the protagonists of the sketches that made him famous: Rupert Sciamenna, Ivo Avido, Herbert Ballerina ...

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00:00 Previously on Mario
03:33 The Acquohol spot
04:41 Except Errors and smartphone addiction
06:39 Mario and the Sabbath clause
08:51 Jo Cagnaccia and the kittens
10:52 Oscar Carogna and the dead of the day in HD: Gianni Catalogna died in the parking lot
14:43 Ginetto and the scoop of the alien