Do old glitches still work in the Nintendo Switch version? Let's find out!
Don't miss the outro at 7:58​!

0:00​ Intro
0:10​ Super Speed
0:48​ Small Toad + Snowball
1:26​ Invisible Water Pool (Super Bell Hill)
1:54​ Touchstone Clip (Captain Toad Plays Peek-a-boo)
2:36​ Fire Bro Trigger (Spiky Spike Bridge)
3:19​ Floor Clip (Trick Trap Tower)
3:54​ Headless Toad (Bullet Bill Brigade)
4:37​ Invisible Platform (Tricky Trapeze Theatre)
5:16​ World Map Floating (Cpt. Toad levels)
5:37​ World Bowser's Map OOB (Clear Pipe)
6:19​ No Face
6:43​ Mid-Air Jump (A Beam in the Dark)
7:20​ Koopa Shell Floating (Koopa Troopa Cave hole)
7:58​ Outro: Mario... Polo!

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