Making puff pastry can be incredibly satisfying and simple with 3 secrets and techniques taught in culinary schools. We'll demystify the use of cold, rolling, and folding with a French tarte tatin recipe.

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Rough Puff Pastry 
(1 2/3 cups) 200g  all-purpose flour 
(¼ tsp) 1.25g         kosher salt
(1.2 oz) 35g                 cold unsalted butter, cubed
(2.8 oz) 80g                 frozen unsalted butter, grated 
(4-6 tbsp) 60-90ml      ice cold water 

Shallot Topping 
(1 tbsp)                  olive oil
(14oz) 400 g        shallots, peeled and halved across the diameter 
(2 tbsp)                 caster sugar 
(2 tbsp)                 honey 
(2 tbsp)                 sherry vinegar
(1 tbsp)                 water 
(1 tsp)                    flaked sea salt
(1oz) 25g              unsalted butter
Few sprigs                  thyme, leaves picked