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In this video Odin opens Thomas and Friends HYPER GLOW STATION and GLOW IN THE DARK THOMAS. This new track features a glow-in-the-dark design perfect for nighttime adventures, and a motorized Hyper Glow Thomas train that leaves a glowing trail on the tracks, the TrackMaster Hyper Glow Station will light up kids' imaginations! Children will marvel at this exciting, unique train set, which includes a huge track layout with Tidmouth Sheds, and multiple pieces of glow-in-the-dark track. 

When Odin turned on the special Hyper Glow Thomas engine, his tail lights illuminated while he races along the rails. As he passes over the glow-in-the-dark track pieces, he'll leave a glowing trail behind him. 

Plus, open the roof of Tidmouth Sheds to reveal storage space for additional TrackMaster engines.

Collect the full hyper-glow trackmaster train collection; Hyper glow Thomas, Hyper glow Percy, Hyper glow Ashima, Hyper glow Nia

Odin loved this track and like the Thomas & Friends Super Station, the Thomas & Friends HyperGlow Station also has places to store all of your Thomas & Friends Minis!!


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