Change the channel, Marge...
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0:00​ Why are The Simpsons Green?
1:51​ Welcome to Springfield USA
2:57​ A Young Cartoonist
4:09​ This is FOX
5:00​ Generation X
6:26​ The Yellow Family
9:23​ The Golden Age
14:24​ My name is Frank Grimes
15:08​ You're what's wrong with America
18:00​ Laissez-faire
21:59​ Life is Unfair
26:02​ The Engine of America
27:01​ An American Martyr
28:38​ I'm Homer Simpson
30:54​ Realities.
32:51​ Mediocrity
34:23​ Don't Cry for Me
38:34​ Why are the Simpsons Yellow?

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