The Lalwa Family series, in its second season, is a satirical comedy series presented by Radwan Asramouh “Alwa”, Rashid Al-Baz “Al-Rumais” and Zainab by Khamis “Nawal”, Amin Al-Iraqi “Al-Ayachi”, Younis Lakhdar “Saadoun” and Sakina Yafit “Al-Hajja Nasreen” and deals with The series is a set of funny situations and anecdotes in a satirical comic format, and its events revolve around the new Al-Alwa Fermat over the course of 30 episodes during the month of Ramadan. In a comic way, a series and in a simple language that the old and the young can understand.
Production : RA Production
Directeur de production : Tajeddine JEBAR
Manager de production : Marwa LAHLOU
Direction Artistique : Redouan ASSERMOUH
Coordination Technique : Oussama ELKADIRI
Idée & Scénario : Redouan ASSERMOUH - Rachid Elbaz
1er Assistant caméra: Yassine DIB
Ingénieur de Son : Ashraf KAABOUCHI
Graphisme & VFX : Hamza EL FADLAOUI
Lieu : Dar Alya Marrakech
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