Hi all. Due to Donald Trump’s UK visit last week, and his stop in Scotland for a few days has seen a lot of different movements. The US President is one of the most powerful people in the world, so they need a lot of kit and personnel. A number of USAF C17s & C5Ms visited over the past few weeks, a number during the middle of the night as well. The RAF also helped out with a few C130Js visiting, along with a couple of C17s. I managed to film a fair number of these movements, plus from different locations as well. I have also included the Air Force One arrival and departure videos within this one too. It’s great to see so many big and rare aircraft visiting. This is also my longest Prestwick Airport spotting video to date at 50 Minutes long. I hope you all enjoy.

1. USAF Boeing C17A Globemaster III 08-8195: 00:00​
2. USAF Boeing C17A Globemaster III 07-7175: 04:33​
3. USAF Boeing C17A Globemaster III 10-0216: 07:18​
4. USAF Lockheed Martin C5M Super Galaxy 85-0008: 09:59​, 16:09​ & 48:37​
5. USAF Lockheed Martin C5M Super Galaxy 86-0024: 10:45​, 19:47​ & 43:31​
6. Royal Air Force Lockheed Martin C130J ZH878: 23:15​, 26:51​ & 41:22​
7. Royal Air Force Boeing C17A Globemaster III ZZ171: 24:49​ & 29:04​
8. Eurocopter EC135-T3 G-POLS: 31:20​
9. USAF Boeing VC25A (747-200) 92-9000: 32:03​ & 35:52​
10. USAF Boeing VC32 (Boeing 757-200) 99-0016: 35:13​ & 40:01​
11. USAF Boeing C17A Globemaster III 99-0168: 49:45​

Camcorder: Panasonic HC-VX870EB-K
Tripod: Velbon DV-7000
Microphone: Rode Video Mic Pro with Rode Deadcat VMP Windshield 
Video Editing Software: VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Suite

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