Frozen 2 - Elsa and Jack Frost have a son and a daughter! Together they use their ice power to build castles and snowmen in The Enchanted Forest 💙 They live together with the nature spirits and the Northuldra, and once in a while, Jack Frost and Elsa and their kids travel across the mountains to Anna and Kristoff in Arendelle.

Hi everyone^___^ Man, I wanted to do this edit for so long! And when watching Dreamworks and Disney movies on Disney Plus the other day, I finally found the right parts for Elsa and Jack Frost's son^^ The body is Riley from Inside Out :) Anyway, how are you?
And do you have any ideas for the future of Jack and Elsa?
Im still listening to Into the Unknown and Show Yourself by Idina Menzel from Frozen 2 on repeat, so I'll probably be making Frozen 2 speedpaint edits for a long long time^^
Many have asked how Jack Frost from Rise of The Guardians can be with Elsa from Frozen 2 and how Elsa and Jack Frost have a daughter and son, since the companies are different, they have different ages etc. Since they are both spirits, I think Elsa and Jack fit each other, as they have been through hard emotional journeys, have the same powers and they compliment each other so well^^ Jack Frost is 17 when he is chosen by the moon in Rise of The Guardians, so I can definitely imagine Jack Frost and Elsa together, as Elsa is 24 in Frozen 2. In many Disney crossovers, all the fairytales exist at the same time, in small pocket fairytale countries, so I think it goes for these two magical stories aswell^___^ I dont think Dreamwork and Disney will ever make a Jelsa movie crossovers, but I still adore the Jelsa love story!
When do you think Elsa and Jack meet each other and how would you solve the time/age thing? 
My idea with this edit is that the cute ice magic family live in The Enchanted Forest with Nokk, Bruni, Gale and the earth giants, and Elsa and Jack Frost's son and daughter run around barefoot, because like Elsa in Let it Go, they dont care about the cold, all the way back since they were babies^^ As Jack Frost is still a guardian, he travels the world to spread joy and laughter, to stay visible and believed, but he comes back to fifth spirit Elsa and his daughter and son as often as possible to be with them :) Bruni is best friends with Elsa's daughter and pretends he is the princess of her ice castle, while the boy prefers to play with snowmen and has conjured up a mini version of the snow monster Marshmallow^^ When Elsa and Jack visit Anna and Kristoff, their sons are playing together with Olaf and Sven. Soon, I'll make a crossover showing this I think^^ ❄

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If you have any ideas for other Frozen2 edits, please let me know in the comments below. It can be from the new frozen 2 full movie, Frozen 2 clips, or just a general idea about one of the characters, like Kristoff, Anna, Olaf or Elsa. I often create Happy Ever Afters or like a transformation - especially of Elsa ^___^ I prefer the setting to be after Frozen 2, to kinda continue the amazing Disney story, but feel free to give any suggestion, no matter how crazy. ^___^ I also do Disney Princess and Pixar edits in general and besides Frozen 2, I will probably also start doing Frozen 3 edits xD
I hope you have an amazing, magical day :)


I used Adobe Photoshop and my beloved Wacom Intous tablet to create this Walt Disney edit^^ The Alice Edits are made for Youtube only, so please dont repost my art. 

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