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Channel One | The House of Heirs - The heat with a wink
Directed by: Hisham Al-Jabari.
Casting: Abdel-Jabbar Al-Wazir - Abdel-Samad Moftah Al-Khair - Fadila Benmoussa
Kabbour is an "old-fashioned" man who owns a riad in an area that has turned most of its roles into high-rise buildings, but the man is clinging to keeping Riyadh as it is, as it is a legacy owned by a great-grandfather. Living with him in Riyadh itself in order to preserve the traditional concept of the Moroccan family, where the father, his sons and granddaughter gather in the same house, but nowadays it has become difficult because of the disparity in mentalities and the different constraints, which makes Kebbour fall with his sons and daughters in funny events and situations that increase them The severity of the nature of the economic and social conditions living in our time, which prompts the sons and their wives to consider Riyadh as their only outlet to improve their financial situation, something that will not appeal to Father Kapoor, who will face this with his humorous graduations and funny evasions of all the pranks that his sons want to put him in.
The first channel, with a general reference and belonging to the public sector, proposes a variety of programming aimed at responding to the needs of news, culture and entertainment for the widest audiences in Morocco and the rest of the world.
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